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Welcome to my haiku dream..!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Very Short Poems: Embers


I am a poem
Read me
In the eyes of
A professional critic

You are the one
Who said that
The risk of drowning
In my sea
Is more delicious than
Drowning In

Since an isolation,
I have been rowing alone
By the oar of the MIND
Who sneaked into my boat
And started rowing
From the other side
By the oar of the HEART

If you look longer
In my eyes
You will fall
A narcissus will grow
In the womb
Of the dream

In order to love you more
I began to reconcile with
My four seasons

A poem of prose
I was,
When you came
I got my

One drop of water
Does not make a sea
How can:
(I love you)
water me
If it is not repeated
At the extent of the sea

It is fair
If my perfume
Makes you dizzy
At least once
Every second

In love
A bird on a tree
Is better than
Ten in the heart

Who said that
Love is blind..?!
Love has many eyes
But they see
Want to see

Be my rain
Not the umbrella

Whenever jealous people
Stand between
eclipse begins

SHE ...........YOU

Won"t at least
One side of this triangle
Of love
Fall forever

Is the same as
The fingerprints
It never changes
No matter how many papers
You change

It is your chronic
Which taught me
To run
Towards the wind

I look for you and you look for me
As two parallel lines ; each refuses to break

As I finished the rituals
Of your banishment
You came back
As a wet bird
Wailing at my lips
As a spoiled child
Yearning to my lap

My grandmother
Kept telling me the story
Of the knight who
Fell in love with a princess
Till an inner sound cried out:
“Life is not a legend”

I still make the dough
Of my poems
From the wheat
Of astonishment
And I bake them
In the oven of illumination
I expect the invasion of the

There is a hidden link
Between the idea and the paper
I do not cut it
Till I am sure of the maturity
Of my birth

Since the birth of my Ink
I've promised
To defeat the soldiers of
And I kept the promise

I'm a letter
You are its address
And the stamp

The moment I tried
To pass the borders
A soldiers
Ordered me to open
The luggage of my heart

He arrested me
Accusing me of
Attempting to

" A Love Affair "

She asked GOD
To keep her a child
In the eyes of her beloved

In a moment,
She began to shine
As a star
In the sky

All the chemical experiments
Which she conducted
To discover the traits of his metal
Led to
An Explosion

It was not the fox
Which stained my shirt
As you threw me
In the abyss
It was me..!

I killed the fox
In order to
Your Absence

I'm a poet
Who is fond of
The laces of:
Monotony From the braid
Of the "WORD"
So that
It can feel proud
Of being feminine


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