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Welcome to my haiku dream..!

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cloudy morning-
a kite flies higher
than its string

Rita Odeh

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

NaHaiWriMo Feb2013

Feb 2013 daily prompts

Feb 1:pasta

noodle moon~
picking it up with

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Feb 2nd: eggs

hazy sky-
ending up with an egg
on her face

Feb 3: cheese

returning home-
those holes beneath
the cheese rind

Feb 4: spices

dried clove-
the smell not the flower
drives me crazy

Feb 5: vegetables

red onion-
an old man busy
counting the rings

црвени лук -
старац заузет
бројањем прстенова

Translation into Serbian: Verica Zivkovic
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Feb 6: rice

one grain of polished rice
left on the plate


Verica Zivkovic(Serbian Version)

растанак ...
једно зрно углачаног пиринча
остављено на тањиру


Massih Talebian(Persian version:

جُدایی ... یک دانه برنج براق مانده بر بشقاب

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Feb 7: milk

milk spills
out of the cup…
breast cancer

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Feb 8: hiking

canyon hiking-
for a moment, I become
its butterfly

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Feb 9: glacier

family court-
the huge glacier
shrinks backward

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Feb 10: garden

dispersed fog-
the garden gate

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Feb 11: the woods

distant gunfire-
many doves fly
out of the woods

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Feb 12: (river)

divorce hearing-
the long river reaches
a steep descent

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Feb13: (shade tree)

women's shelter-
stop pecking that
trunk !

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Feb 15 (orange)

a lady in orange
in the harbor fog

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Feb 16 (red)

flag of Canada-
red maple leaves
flutter in the wind

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Feb17 (black)

distant gunfire-
the last move before
checkmating the king

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Feb 18 (green)

green apple,
why do you let a worm
burrow your core?

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Feb 19(blue)

tell me, buddy,
why do i see blueness
when you sing!

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Feb 20 (white)

statue of liberty-
white and black pawns,
on the same board

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Feb 21(turquoise)

turquoise sky-
the sunflower turns
towards dawn

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Feb 22(living room)

front room-
waiting for the sunflowers
to announce a new day

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Feb 23 (bedroom)

a cloud covers
the moon

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Feb 24(bathroom)

lavender bath-
the smell of jasmine
in my cat's fur

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Feb 25(dining room)

winter solitude-
only a sparrow
to share my meal
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Feb 26(closet)

one garment and another...
a whisper

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Feb 27(garage)

deserted garage-
the tortured ship docks
in the harbor

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Feb 28(kitchen)

sharp knife-
a ship slices
the sea

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  1. I'm glad you're joining now. I also am pleased that you also participated in Aubrie's doodleku. :-)I've been enjoying your haiku.

  2. I have been enjoying your haiku and tanka in Aubrie's doodleku, too. I am glad that I managed to join you and all the other wonderful poets at NaHaiWriMo.