Welcome to my haiku/ haiga dream.

Welcome to my haiku dream..!

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than its string

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"While looking for me, I found you" Short Poems

looking for me
I found you.

Why do I see you in every mirror today..!?

I was a bottle
in a widower's drawer
till you passed by
and set my perfume

As a plane lands
on the airplane's runway,
the knight of my dreams
landed on my heart.
But, with one differenc:
he didn't wait
for the signal

the road to my heart
is a One-way road..!

Who else but you
conquered my kingdom
as the sun does,
confiscated boredom
and signed
the timetable
of anxiety..!?

as a rose comes out
of its bud,
here we come out
of the dream's womb

All the pins
that I planted in your path
to stop coming closer
to the fabric of the dream,
lined up
and on the magnet of love
stood still

I told the violet
about you.
It started blooming.
I told the lovers,
they hung me
on a gallow

here I hear
the lovely tone
of your voice
without feeling

Why didn't our love have
what could turn a worm
into a butterfly..!!

I express
my yearning to you
in one poem after another..
They turn into boats
that sail towards
the port of your heart

Those ..
who refrain from
falling in love
are merely coffins
moving silently
to cemeteries

Love is a boat sailed by the paddles of jealousy and worries.

Whenever I come closer to the sea it goes far and far away.

Before disappointment woke up, the pain of loss slept in its bed.




I was a bottle
in a widower's
till you passed by
and set my perfume

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