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Welcome to my haiku dream..!

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cloudy morning-
a kite flies higher
than its string

Rita Odeh

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

-------------------------International Memorable Haiku

to become the breath
blown through you

~Robert Wilson

between us
there also lives the
cherry blossom

old pond
a frog jumping into water


*The "Old pond" metaphore:

imagine an ancient place, perhaps a mossy temple garden, where the thought of all the past generations of people who once lived there and now are gone evokes a kind of

empty loneliness,

what Bashō termed sabi and considered an important element in haiku.
Then, drenched in this feeling of ancientness and loss, the minds of Bashō and Issa would snap back to the present, to the surprising

"water sound"


a frog interrupting this stillness and history.

the difference
a sparrow makes –
bare branches

sun in the city
one of those shadows
is mine

my neighbor's
ancient cat . . .
I blink first

out early . . .
I exchange greetings
with a violet

~Bill Kenney

birds and people
creeping through...
cherry blossoms

~Issa, 1796

even the pine tree
I planted grows old!
autumn dusk

~Issa, 1803

in a big swamp
just one bloom...
but it's a lotus!

~Issa, 1804

the cherry tree
that made blossom clouds
becomes charcoal

~Issa, 1813

a beggar child
walking and flying
a kite

~Issa, 1820

as usual
not quite round...
plum blossom moon

~Issa, 1822

evening falls--
the kite and the lark
come down

-Issa, 1793

under the garden tap
a violet

~ Sue Mill

snow blizzard
a passenger train looking like
Noah's Ark


relentless wave
taking back the seashell
I took from it

~R. D. Baily

news from home...
her dress fills
with a spring breeze

~ Michele L. Harvey

the sound of a fast car
becomes light

~Ralf Bröker

first anniversary
we choose not to enter
the Garden of Remembrance

~Maeve O'Sullivan

from green goddess to
water jug
a spider's web

~Valli Poole

fading light...
a swan asks nothing
of the breeze

vagabond sun...
nothing but ink to nail
my shadow

far-reaching roots…
does the oak in autumn
ponder the sky?

(taken from a haibun)

~Claire Everett

Where rifles clicked
chameleons sing
in new green trees.

~Edward Tick

oh rock...
how long will it take
to wear you down?

~Ted van Zutphen

silver moon
climbing a scaffold of stars
unemployed builder

~Clare McCotter

rain and more rain
the welcome mat
begins to sprout

~Sandra Simpson

November rain -
the fence
around the ruin

~Bouwe Brouwer

the owl's last call
before dawn
winter solstice

school desk
one name carved
deeper than the rest

~Aubrie Cox

year’s end
the weight of snow
on an old fence

~Jacek Margolak

facing a lily
the one-year-old
raises his fist

out of darkness
into darkness—
winter dawn

~Steven Addiss

the flutter
of butterfly wings. . .
shifting clouds

~Gisele LeBlanc

for now just the song
of lilacs buds

blind date—
only seeing
her ruby pendant

in every pearl bead
of her rosary—
the secrets of her heart

spring morning
the same bird song
through the new leaves

~Christine L. Villa

spring evening . .
birdsong fades
to pink silence

~Sandy Pray

The hill
disappears again
into the trees

~Kris Lindbeck

(My Suggested Revision)
the hill disappears
into the trees

rain clouds
conversations shift around
the train carriage

~Alan Summers

Comment by Isamu Hashimoto:
All the passengers must be afraid of a delay. The train continues to run along the steep precipices under the rain clouds.

it's a dream and yet...
the mermaid with dark hair
diving into the wreck

~Chen-ou Liu (Ontario)

Lamp of watch-
mosquito's shadow
as big as a horse

~Petru Ioan Gârda

Abandonated home -
all under the possession
of dandelions


A dragonfly
resting on the bench-
I stand up

* I will be picking up every precious Jewel.

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