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cloudy morning-
a kite flies higher
than its string

Rita Odeh

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Haiku Prompt

an eagle's cry leads
the way

Carpe Diem #386, Tengri, the Spirit of the Steppes


  1. interesting response to the prompt Rita

    much love...

  2. Exquisite, Rita! Sounds like a hokku to me.
    - Asni

  3. Oh that is crystal clear. Very nice.

  4. As I read, the -eagle- would be... a metaphor referring to any (and every) -inspirational- instant.
    __Nice, Rita! _m

  5. Welcome at Carpe Diem Rita ... I have the feeling that we have met earlier, but I am not sure about that. Do you visit Wonder Haiku Worlds?
    What a nice haiku you have shared here with us, very spiritual and strong.
    By the way I am your host at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.

    1. I,too, have the feeling that we met somewhere, Kristjaan.
      Thanks for accepting me at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai and this opportunity to be inspired by your wonderful prompts.

      Thanks everybody for your visit and comments.

    2. Carpe Diem is a warm haiku-family Rita and we all are glad to inspire others to write and share haiku with us and the world.
      Maybe we will find our earlier encounter later on ...

    3. I am honored to join this wonderful haiku- family.
      To my surprise, I found your name on my fb list, Kristjaan.
      Moreover, I checked the site you mentioned. Yes, I used to post my haiku there in 2006 when I got familiar with the haiku genre. But, I think that I know you from another blog.

  6. Well, to my surprise, I found my comment on one of your very old prompts, Kristjaan. Take a look: