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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Short Poem: Rictameter By John Daleiden

Sunday Mini-Challenge:

I sent my Rictameter to, my best friend and coeditor of the International Kukai(Haiku Contest), John Daleiden to edit the syllables.
He was inspired and sent me three such poems.
Since he doesn't have a blog, I decided to surprise him and post two of his poems here:

Love me
or just leave . . .
but please don’t just tease me
with a come hither sexy look
or that long one minute passionate kiss
leaving me panting so breathless,
roused and charged for pursuit
yet fully doomed
to fail.

My choice
is a short walk
in a dark and dense woods
where I can hear the call of birds
and see last year’s autumn leaves decaying
on a forest floor rich
with wildflower blooms
and scents.


  1. Thanks Rita. I enjoyed the challenge of this form and reading a few more. It seems to open and close like a flower or a wave coming in and going out.

  2. Thanks for the poems by your friend. I specially like the serenity of the second one. As to the form itself, the syllables are correct, but what makes this a rictameter is also that the first and last verse must be the same. Thus the first one, the ending is Love me. And the second one, My Choice.


  3. These are both exquisite =)