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cloudy morning-
a kite flies higher
than its string

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lune Poem

The Sunday Mini-Challenge : Lune

(Click on Image)

the slow fall
of an empty sparrow nest-
old pine tree

Haiku has to be: (short/long/short).
There must be a cut word at the end of L2.

Collom Lune -Three lines containing a word count of 3-5-3(eleven words).
Sunday, April 21, 2013
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  1. This prompt is perfectly suited to your short form poetry writing.

  2. You nailed this prompt easily ~ Thank you for participating in RT Sunday Challenge ~


  3. I knew this would be the perfect prompt for you. Beautiful work as always.

  4. I also thought about you when I saw this challenge ~~ your specialty.

  5. The photo is beautiful. Am saddened by the nest's slow fall.

  6. Like Sherry, I sigh sadly for the sparrow's nest. But I sigh happily at your skill. The "American haiku" is a perfect form for you, Rita.

  7. I too am sad, but you captured this view so well~ :D

  8. The Collum lune is so close to haiku, excepting the word stress and the nature themes... maybe we Americans are a bit lazy when it comes to streeeeetching our minds?

    Lovely haiku, Rita. Yeah, the little nest made me sad as well, and yet, it's part of the natural order. Stuff happens... Thanks, Amy

  9. Two forms in one. Excellent. Thanks for mentioning the cut word--had not heard that before as a requirement of haiku. You have spurred me to read up on the real requirements for haiku. Your poem presents a sad but still universal view.

  10. Hi Rita, your haiku seems to be a metaphor for "an empty nest," that common expression for when older children leave the house, and parents are left to themselves. I'm not sure if that is what you meant, but that is what resonated with me. I don't find this sad, but just a change, a transformation. Would love to hear your analysis of my haiku shared for this challenge. Much love, Loredana

  11. Hi dear frieds.
    As I am taught about haiku: good haiku must leave room for interpretation.Good haiku are records of high moments. The strength in haiku lies in their suggestions.
    So,the different interpretations I got here, is a GOOD sign.

    "Kireji" is a cut word.It devides a haiku into two parts that are to be equated or compared.

    I am honored by your comments.

    1. Hi Rita, thank you for your comment on my post. My poem is a Collum Lune, which I believe doesn't follow the traditional haiku form. But I do understand the rules of proper haiku and appreciate your commentary. I don't have your private email, so I replied to you on my post with my thoughts. Blessings... Loredana

    2. Hi Loredana.
      I have written in your blog that as a poem , yours is beautiful. I am sure that you know the rules of haiku.
      You know that I like all your writings. Moreover, You are a talented critic. Blessings...Rita