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Welcome to my haiku dream..!

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cloudy morning-
a kite flies higher
than its string

Rita Odeh

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Fireblossom Friday

Sharing the photo with:The View From Right There
The View From Right There

"NaPoWriMo, 2013, Day 26"
Fireblossom Friday: Not Feeling Like Yourself?
Friday, April 26, 2013

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I am endless,
and owe my beauty to my vastness.
I haven't chosen my shape, place nor time.
I like it when I have a chance
to get in touch with
the shore..
I slide towards it as smoothly as a snake.
Other times,
when the wind teases me,
I let my waves explode
in the seagull's voice.

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Imaginary Garden with Real Toads

The Challenge:

Suppose you woke up one morning, and your body was just the same as always, but that the spirit of an animal, or bird, or some other creature, had taken you over from within.

I don't mean that you wake up wishing you were a bird (for example), or feeling metaphorically like a bird. I mean you wake up and you ARE a bird, but you are still physically human, and can talk, and move in the world that way. The transformation is inner. Imagine how frustrating it would be not to be able to fly. What feelings might you have, looking at ordinary birds? How might your behavior and relationships be altered?

You can be a tiger or a snake or a mouse or anything you like. Just remember that this is inner reality, not metaphor.
See? NOT "I wish I was a bird and could fly". No. ZZzzzzzz.
Explore your inner reality of being some kind of non-human creature, and what that would be like.

One more thing. Minimum of seven lines. Now stretch those imaginations!


  1. Very nice, Rita. Thanks for being part of Fireblossom Friday. I especially like your closing line.

    1. Fireblossom, the challenge of becomingness Orwell as you call it transformaction is Great. I used to teach creative writing to high school pupils. The first prompt I used to give was : imagine that you can become something tangible for 24 hours. What would you like to be? Threes other steps followed. In the end, each participant could write a very short poem. Some prompts inspire you and challenge you to write, yours is one of them. So, many thanks. I will visit every blog to read the results.

  2. This goes so well with the photo above it. I, too, like that last line.

  3. I love how you personified so many elements of nature. This was beautiful!

  4. This is very free flowing, and is inhabited by many voices, as is the ocean it loves with its words.

  5. Such beauty...your words flow as waves.

  6. I love the beauty and majesty of the sea. You have expressed yourself so well here!

  7. This is beauty flowing with the ease and power of its subject.

  8. The seagull is one of the most graceful creatures on earth .. I love watching them when I visit the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. I enjoyed your poem ....

  9. Thank you all for your valuable comments which are dewdrops on the petals of my poem.

  10. Oh, how wonderful to glide over those waves ;D
    Fun to read!

  11. A person of many parts...Where would a seagull be with no sea? :)

  12. Lovely haiga ~ photo is gorgeous with your haiku ~ ^_^

  13. The seagull was the symbol of personal freedom to me, ever since I saw Jonathan Livingston Seagull. That movie began my odyssey to the sea. Loved the spaciousness in your poem.

  14. Back again ~ You can now comment on my blog without G+

  15. Interesting challenge wonderfully met.

  16. Thanks all for dew left on the petals of my poem.