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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Today We Scream

3rd Woman SCREAM
International Poetry Festival

I don't reject being a woman
I reject your attitude towards me
for being a woman

I can be
your swallow
if you promise
not to be
a cage

The Cross of Silence

They have hung me on a cross
since I was born
Saying: female.
They nailed my hands
on the tree of Time,
They nailed my legs
on the cross of injustice
Saying:" female .. female!"
By and by,
they brainwashed my thoughts with fire.
They planted a tree
which keeps withering
in the fields
of my freewill.
They taught me
the alphabet of grief.
They made me wear
all the masks of silence,
"Ah .. female
Just a female..! "

Double Attitude

I sought refuge
in your hand
the wheat of affection
I found out
that it can also beat


A tongue that
cannot say: NO!
isn't a tongue
of a human being

turquoise sky-
the sunflower turns
towards dawn

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  1. Such beautiful writing! I especially love "I can be your swallow if you promise not to be a cage". Fantastic!!!! Oh that "just a female" - we females are totally remarkable beings............hear us roar! Loved all of these, especially the turquoise sky.....and the sunflower turning towards dawn.

  2. Your voice rings out from half way around the world like a beautiful bell. Your words on behalf of women never lose the beauty of poetry. I found the 'wheat of affection' turned to beating especially potent.

  3. Just a female - If the world could learn to remove the word "just" from its psyche when referring to us women, we wouldn't be screaming.

    A beautiful, powerful write.

  4. wow, i too am really struck by the strength of your "wheat of affection" stanza. don't stop speaking out!

  5. Beautiful verses, specially the alphabet of grief and tongue ~~

    A treat to read this evening ~

  6. Brilliance, here! So glad you shared. So glad I read.


  7. Stunning. Left me speechless. The Cross of Silence is amazing.

  8. Thanks a lot for supporting our Woman Scream. Let it be heard!

  9. Dear friends, thank you all for reading my poems, my pain, YOURs!

  10. I read three of the ubove poems in the festival for women in Tel Aviv, yesterday.