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Welcome to my haiku dream..!

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cloudy morning-
a kite flies higher
than its string

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tanka: Morning Glory

as a morning glory,
reaching out towards the light...
and suddenly
the wind blows and
scatters our beauty.

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Most morning glory flowers unravel into full bloom in the early morning. The flowers usually start to fade a few hours before the "petals" start showing visible curling. They prefer full solar exposure throughout the day, and mesic soils. Some morning glories, such as Ipomoea muricata, are night-blooming flowers.

-"Morning Glory" is a slang term for the male erection which occurs on first awakening in the morning.
-The morning glory represents "love in vain" for whatever outside circumstances according to the Victorian language of flowers.


  1. This is a beautiful image (and innuendo). For our purposes, it should be more extended still, but the Japanese forms--haiku and tanka--don't really leave room for that. Still it's a glorious (!) image that something is like, perhaps the "we," and I can imagine the petals and leaves scattering in the wind.

  2. You packed an extended metaphor into a very small space, Rita. Well done!

  3. This is a beautiful word picture, which leaves me wondering who the morning glory may be.

  4. Oh... I understand the effects of the winds of time! Well done!


  5. I enjoyed your poetic metaphor and learned something in reading (slang for the morning erection.) Morning Glory Indeed!!

  6. I love this and the idea of scattered beauty :D
    Your poem is glorious~