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Monday, September 3, 2012

Invitation Sixth International Kukai September 2012 Kukai lingering heat

Dear Friends, Welcometo the Sixth International Monthly Kukai.

Please bookmark ourblog:

The topic for the September 2012 edition is lingering heat or remaining heat.

Submission deadline -- Noon, EST,(UTC-4) Saturday, September 1 – Monday, September 10 2012.
Voting deadline -- Noon, EST, (UTC-4) Tuesday, September 11 – Thursday,September 20, 2012.
Results will be up-loaded to the blog no later than, Sunday, September 30,2012.

Participants may submit up to THREE entries.
Do NOT enter any haiku previously published,
work-shopped or shared.

All haiku entries should remain anonymous until we post the results.

Participants may vote as long as they
have submitted at least ONE entry to the kukai.


1) Address all Kukai correspondence to:

2) PLEASE use the exact subject "September Submission"
for the subject line.

3) Please sign your submission with your name, your city, and your country of residence.

For Eample: John Daleiden, Phoenix, Arizona: UnitedStates: (USA)

4) Write your entry/ies in the body of the email.
Attachments are not accepted.

5) Haijin who enter the kukai will automatically be sent a ballot with the voting instructions shortly after the kukai closes at noon on the 10th of each month.

Please note that this kukai topic is documented in these three saijiresources—one print resource and two on-line resources
remaining heat (zansho, early autumn) in the Five Hundred Essential Japanese Season Words Selected by Kenkichi Yamamoto Translated by Kris Young Kondo and William J.Higginson Edited for Renku Home by William J. Higginson on-line

Higginson also translates zansho differently elsewhere (see number 2 below):
lingering[summer] heat (zansho) in The Haiku Handbook: How to Write, Share, and Teach Haiku. William J. Higginson with Penny Harter. Kodansha: New York,1985, page 276. 3. In World Kigo Database:Dr. Gabi Greve on-line:

1. kigo for early autumn

***** Lingering Heat (zansho 残暑 nokoruatsusa 残る暑さ:
shuusho 秋暑(しゅうしょ, aki atsushi 秋暑し(あきあつし)
sensho 餞暑(せんしょ)"farewell heat"

zansho refers to hot days after the official beginning of Autumn according to the the Asian lunar calendar of risshuu 立秋, August 8 . The word "lingering" zan in Japanese,gives the haiku poet a feeling of "not for long any more", and the heat will be easier to bear.
zanshoo lets us feel the heat of summer, whereas
shuusho lets us feel a welcome "cool" heat of autumn
Only Dr. GabiGreve’s saijiki includes the Japanese characters.

Subject: "September2012 Submission"

Enjoy the Challenge...!

Rita Odeh and John Daleiden

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