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cloudy morning-
a kite flies higher
than its string

Rita Odeh

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Results: kite International Kukai No. 2 May 2012

Results kite International Kukai No. 2 May 2012
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Labour Day
an old farmer fixes
a red kite

# 44. Ralf Bröker, DE


2nd PLACE:

on monarch wings...
a tiny kite

(1,1,3=8) # 11. Rita Odeh, IL


earth and sky
a quivering kite

# 79. Jana Žufic, CR



a kite on its way my first letter

# 19. Ralf Bröker, DE


dandelion clock
each seed
a kite

# 54. Stella Pierides, DE/UK


in the bunker—
a little boy telling us
he had a kite

# 66. Cezar F. Ciobîca, RO


nothing but
a man and his kite
winter beach

# 80. Bill Kenney, US



the red kite
in a blue cloudless sky...
a rifle clicks

# 58. Rita Odeh, IL



a kite arches
under the rainbow,
over the spring tide

# 08. Caroline Gill, UK

forgotten dream—
hanging from a dog's mouth
the tail of a kite

# 34. Christine L. Villa, US

winter thaw
my dad and me bonding
over a kite

# 53. Tracy Davidson, UK


6th PLACE:

A frog overhead
the blossom acacias?
only a kite....

# 07. Anisoara Iordache, RO

he watches his kite break loose--
a spring breeze

# 10. John Daleiden, US

old man’s kite flies over
withered fields

# 21. Harvey Jenkins, CA

kites soar--
children watch from cancer ward

# 27. Yamadori Komadori, US

like a butterfly
floating among the clouds
a stringless kite

# 51. Keith A. Simmonds, FR

after rain—
my kite flying through
every puddle

# 77. Cristina Cristina, RO


7th PLACE:

remembrances . . .
a dragon kite lying
in the mud

# 16. Saša Važic, SR (Serbia)

sailing the skies
a boy
and his kite

# 31. Stella Pierides, DE/UK

bumpy wind
no kites

# 52. Otsenre Ogaitnas, GR/PH

phantom kite
looming in the night sky
a super moon

# 74. Yamadori Komodori, US


8th PLACE:

paper kite’s wing
the demanding lift
of my first child

# 04. Otsenre Ogaitnas, GR/PH

kite flying
how long is a piece
of string

# 06. Stella Pierides, DE/UK

sound of children
faded with the cut off kite
spring dusk

# 15. Ramesh Anand, IN

Dragon loves a cloud.
Beware of the sky, my friend
thunders reside up there!

# 20. Smajil Durmisevic, BA
Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina


skull and bones kite
rises from the graveyard—
the unknown pirate

# 50. Yamadori Komadori, US

hushing wind…
kites die slowly in
children’s hands

# 59. Diana Teneva, BG

kite fight
his dragon cuts
my hare

# 63.S. E. Buffington, US

duvet day
my daughter's kite tells about
world economics

# 69. Ralf Bröker, DE

my son raises
his first kite

# 83. Cezar F. Ciobîca, RO


9th PLACE:

a dragon kite
waltzing towards the sun...
starry-eyed children

# 03. Keith A. Simmonds, FR

flying kites
the energy of youth
long gone

# 24. Willie R. Bongcaron, Manila, PH

kite festival
the dance of strings
on a summer breeze

# 30. Tracy Davidson, UK

crying child—
kite tail entangled
at tree top

# 37. Diana Teneva, BG

kite festival
homeless man sleeps
just out of sight

# 45. Harvey Jenkins, CA

In the sand a kite—
sun rises gradually
from the sea....

# 55. Anisoara Iordache, RO

bright wind
grandpa takes me
into his kiting day

# 61. Ramesh Anand, IN

still flying
kites, in the valley
of shadows

# 62. Saša Važic, SR (Serbia)

a kite’s light feel
my feet stir mosquitoes
from the long grass

# 70. Harvey Jenkins, CA

a tug on the string
of an orphan's kite
his mother's hug

# 75. S. E. Buffington, US

kite exploring sky
slaloming between black clouds
colouring my life

# 76. Tanja Cilia, MT (Malta)

tangled in a tree
butterfly bows in kite-string
torn beyond repair

# 81. Tanja Cilia, MT (Malta)

warm afternoon...
my young son launches
his first kite

# 86 S. E. Buffington, US


The haiku in this category received 0 votes

on a blooming tree
mainly in the spring
a kite

# 01. Irena Szewczyk Poland

sand dunes
a small boy watches the kite
swoop on a rabbit

# 05. Tracy Davidson, UK

summer love
a kite wrapped around
a mistletoe

# 09. Christine L. Villa, US

high-flying kite…
a string cutting into
child’s fingers

# 12. Diana Teneva, BG

warm summer breeze
thoughts of kite flying
—clogged catheter

# 22. Ignatius Fay, CA

tears roll down
the young boy'cheek
an entangled kite

# 25. Sandra Martyres, IN

Easter Sunday ...
the sky dotted with kites
of all description

# 28. Keith A. Simmonds, FR

super full moon
rising—my excitement
flying a kite

# 29. Otsenre Ogaitnas, GR/PH
Morning of May—
a flying fish
and a child with a kite

# 32. Anisoara Iordache, RO

kite festival—
fishes overhead
wide eyes below

# 33. Caroline Gill, UK

the kite shattered
in high tree branches
a cat meowing

# 35. John Daleiden, US

on the well of wishes...
a white kite

# 36. Rita Odeh, IL

spring twilight
the descending kites
in the sky

# 40. Ramesh Anand, IN

first kite
of the year of dragon . . .
its broken wings

# 41. Saša Važic, SR (Serbia)

new kite kit
the morning of assembly
the flag hangs limp

# 46. Ignatius Fay, CA

afternoon breeze
kite released from a tyke's hands
swerves and dives

# 47. Willie R. Bongcaron, Manila,

a windy day
ideal for kite fliers
the bird takes umbrage

# 48. Sandra Martyres, IN

tugging at my heart
the red string of her kite
my imagination soars

# 49. Ed Baker, US

a child’s kite
soars with seagulls,
dives with gannets

# 56. Caroline Gill, UK

his dragon kite
plunges then leaps sky high--
shadows on the ground

# 57. John Daleiden, US

to the moon and back—
the tales the torn kite has
to tell

# 64. Sanjukta Asopa, IN

gentle zephyr blows
kite pulling against its strings
freedom would doom it

# 65. Tanja Cilia, MT (Malta)

fifty feet high
with the color of the cloud
a kite blends

# 71. Willie R. Bongcaron, Manila, PH

a mass of colour
floats in the skies
national kite day

# 72. Sandra Martyres, IN

warm afternoon...
my young son launches
his first kite

# 82 S. E. Buffington, US

the wind too strong
a kite forever lost
in the woods

# 85. Jana Žufic, CR

a loose kite
flying . . .
its last flight

# 87. Jana Žufic, CR


(17) Haiku submitted by 8 non-voting haijin.
(Haiku submitted by non-voters are not ranked)

Bustle in the school yard:
a kite just played havoc
among the pigeons

# 17. Vasile Moldovan, RO

Happy children—
the tail of their kite
dances in the sky

# 42. Vasile Moldovan, RO

Flying a kite,
the little Prince remebers that
he feels hungry

# 67. Vasile Moldovan, RO

kites swerve—
a loop of childhood memories
at play in my mind

# 23. Gillena Cox, TT
Trinidad and Tobago

couples in the park
watching two kites
tease the wind

# 14. Terri L. French, US

spring advances
a kite lifts it's nose
to the wind

# 39. Terri L. French, US

the kites
among the clouds
colours of rainbow

# 13. Vera Primorac, CR

children and the kites
together in joy
of the first flight

# 38. Vera Primorac, CR

a flying kite
below it a tightly pinched
thread in small hands

# 60. Vera Primorac, CR

to catch the sun

# 02. Alegria Imperial, CA

from the top of the rock
my thoughts are with a kite—
the flight over the secrets

# 18. Dragan J. Ristic, SR

very close to God—
a child is flying his kite
on the hilltop

# 43. Dragan J. Ristic, SR

a little boy
flying a kite—
shrinks from the airplane

# 68. Dragan J. Ristic, SR

at the end of its string
her kite pulling me along
how delightful

# 26. Ed Baker, US

tugging at my heart
the red string of her kite
my imagination soars

# 49. Ed Baker, US

going over the fence
to retrieve her kite
this old man

# 73. Ed Baker, US

my kite going
to bed

# 78. Andronic Andra, RO


  1. Thank you very much for these fine kite-experiences and this surprising result.

    Kind regards


    Labour Day
    an old farmer fixes
    a red kite

    # 44. Ralf Bröker, DE

    Dear Ralf, we like the simplicity of your haiku as well as the unsaid about the social status.
    Our hearty congratulations to you on such a memorable haiku.
    We look forward to your continued participation.

    Rita and John