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Welcome to my haiku dream..!

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cloudy morning-
a kite flies higher
than its string

Rita Odeh

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Haiga:"Wisteria Shadows"

wisteria shadows
sway on the bedroom wall..
missing her

ظلال زهرة الستارية
..تترنح فوق حائط غرفة النوم
!..آه كم أفتقدها

тень глицинии,
колеблющаяся на стене спальни...
как я скучаю по ней

Translated into Russian by: Wowwi


Wisteria (also spelled Wistaria) is a genus of flowering plants in the pea family, Fabaceae, that includes ten species of woody climbing vines native to the eastern United States and to China, Korea, and Japan. Aquarists refer to the species Hygrophila difformis, in the family Acanthaceae, as Water Wisteria. Some species are popular ornamental plants, especially in China and Japan

March26, 2012


  1. Wistful. Even if you get the permission, I'm glad I saw this when it was still a stand-alone.

  2. Hello Bill. I missed your supportive comments. Where have you been?
    Well, I decided not to wait any more and use one of my photos. I hope that this one is as evocative as I wish it to be.

  3. Hello Rita,
    This Wisteria plant looks very cooling plant with heavy flowers. I like it but for small area is it not so nice...

    1. Hi Warda.
      I saw this plant only on the net.
      You are luckier than me.
      Once, I was walking in the neighborhood and noticed a willow tree which i knew only from the net photos.
      This is a recurring event nowadays.
      I cannot imagine the world without trees and flowers and seas!
      We just need to enjoy Nature.

  4. __Grand photo, and fine haiga... the Wisteria shadows... I see them dancing on the moon-lit wall. _m

  5. dancing
    on the moon-lit wall..
    Wisteria shadows

    I must make another haiga out of this newborn lovely haiku.
    Thx Magyar. I will put your name on it. Don't panic:)